Adventures in Nashareem

The Conundrum of Sevens

Furthering our investigation

We were told that there have been three major attacks/disappearances:
• in sheltered tree alley -a client/family of goblins has been attacked.
• At the grave goal shrine on Cliffside Row-there has been an attack.
• In the Grosrow tenement on Dragonway Street in the second basement Poska hovel-there’s been attack
in an attempt to gather information, three of us visited the business of Duemaw, a trader of traders and information broker. We were told she is the one to go to for information and/or things. Her shop was decorated with green and purple banners. She gave us some information on the three attacks and directions on how to find the locations.
We first set out to investigate the sheltered tree alley attack. Even though the attack occurred the previous day, seven bodies of the slain were still in the alley. All seven of the slain goblins were male. There was a massive tree in the alley with an anthropomorphic face on the trunk. A large 5 foot-long tapered iron spike was driven through the tree’s face coming out the other side. There was blood-like sap leaking from the wound around the roots of the tree. The tree was killed in this manner. There was something written in the dirt at the base of the tree which could only be seen from above.
This is druidic for “Beware the green axes”. We have no idea what this means. A search of the alley also yielded a small decorative box which held seven decorated seashells. It appears to of been child’s keepsake but once again the number seven shows up.
While we were investigating the murders in the alley, several goblins were seen observing what we were doing. We determined that they were going to attack our group and in order to protect ourselves and to escape we climbed onto the roof of the nearest warehouse using the tree. We are attacked by several groups of armed goblins, we killed several of them were able to make our escape by crossing the warehouse roofs and eventually climbing down to the ground.
The next location we investigated was the Shrine of the Grey Gull. Upon arriving we encountered a Troll. He was sitting before the shrine entrance and when we approached he told us to leave. We persisted and eventually we were able to convince him of our sincere sorrow over the attack and he told us what had happened. There had been many folks of several races present have been killed. There were seven victims, all male. The women and children who had been present were missing. The troll told us that Pelhurst the Hunter, a dwarf, has been trying to purchase the shrine to raze it to build some homes.
While inspecting the Shrine, we found that there were six pictographs graven on the inside of the dome. All of the pictographs were of the Shadow Empire. They were: The rune Mount (which has been destroyed.); The Red Star Barbacon (sp?); The Dark Stone; the High Reach Monastery, the lost city of the Shadow Empire; and the sixth was melted beyond recognition.
While enroute to the third location the tenement on Dragon’s Way street, rising smoke was seen in the distance. Upon arrival we found that our destination was engulfed in fire. We spoke to several people and received multiple causes for the fire. One said that a Dragon etc. gunfire. Another said the three mercenaries had, and broken the windows and thrown firebombs inside. We were able to ascertain that there had been seven victims of the attack, all-male, and the women and children were taken.
While we were gathering this information, the firefighters and a legion of soldiers arrived to fight fire we thought. Overhead a dragon flew in and set fire to several the surrounding buildings is a firebreak to keep the fire from spreading to the rest of the area. It turns out that the soldiers were there to make sure that no one tried to put the fire out and to maintain order.
After hitting the dead-end of the fire, we decided to return to the tavern to regroup and to determine our next moves. We’ve split up to check with contacts and make preparations for the next step in our investigations.
We determined that Pelhurst the Hunter is a citizen of Empire and lives in the part of the city but only citizens may enter. Since we are not citizens and do not currently have papers, I have agreed to supply them for the group. My contact, Sqwark, a fellow Kenku, has a knack for supplying resources for the forgeries need to make. The blank papers he will supply me with the passports of dead citizens which have been magically blanked in order for them to be filled out for new “citizens”. Apparently he has found a way to liberate them from their previous owners during funerary arrangements with the deceased’s families. Lease forms then retained the “patina” continues for many years going about the city. He has been able to acquire six sets of these papers and since I do not have the coin to pay his normal charge; I have agreed to perform some additional forgeries for him at a future time.
I’ve taken the papers back to our lair and am in the process of forging the documents allow each of us to enter the citizens enclave. We will then continue our investigation of the disappearances, in particular, what this Pelhurst may have to do with them. Only await the return of the other members of our crew below the Tavern.


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The Conundrum of Sevens
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