The sickened cult leader of the Green Axes demonic cultists


The mysterious leader of the cult of the Emerald Moon, a modern resurgence of the Green Sickle cults in the Viridian Basin. He stands tall, thin and emaciated. His skin is a pale white broken by blistered rashes, a victim of Scragrot, a degeneration of the skin into thick patches of greenish leathery skin caused by the use of cheap health tonics infused with unfiltered troll blood. Often those with it are plagued by fevers, itching, and weeping sores on the affected limbs. Most who contract the disease do not live more than a decade after as it progresses throughout the body.
He is a merciless, driven man, who seeks victory at all cost and does not apologize for winning. He sees the ends as the justification to any means, and focuses on his goal with single minded determination.



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