Adventures in Nashareem

S1E0 - Character Creation Day

The Dark Sundering Begins

The Dark Sundering Adventurers

Veterans of several small and successful adventures, the Dark Sundering Adventurers begin the Komorebi Story Arc. The party consists of six heroes:

  • Gnash the Smith (Ryan) – A hobgoblin warrior and master of the forge and anvil. He bears the forehead X-brand stigmata of a deserter of the Nashareem legions.
  • Velgaer the Shadow-Wracked (Kyle) – A drow swordsage, and master of combining blade and magic. He knows many dark secrets, including those of the dark caverns of the Underdark.
  • Capricorn the Wayfarer (Lou) – A tabaxi explorer, and master of woodcraft and veteran of the war. He searches for clues to the identity of the Blacksmith from a dire vision that came to him during the war.
  • Snog the Trickster (Mark) – A bugbear riverboat captain, and master of the ambush and cunning. He is a former vampire slayer, and bears the hard-won scars of his battles against the living dead.
  • Lorax the Warden (Mike) – A kenku guardian of nature, and master of natural magic and lore. Rumor has it that his family were once retainers of the Jade Empress, but were exiled after losing her favor.
  • Shaksa the Wanderer (Eric) – A mighty tabaxi warrior, he is a master of the heavy blade and channeling his fury in battle. Rumor has it that he is the lost heir to an ancient kingdom, or some kind of royalty in exile.


The party went to the Wheedling Goblin tavern to meet their contact, Grimmelhook, the leader of the Orange Gryphons’ hippodrome gang, a big hook handed shoovooshi. The gang leader met them at the bar, and introduced them to Gnash the Goatwracked, an old crippled goblin. Gnash Goatwracked led them down a secret staircase to a hidden lair beneath the tavern, a secret hideout for agents of the Fangbreakers. After the character gathered around the table of the meeting room, a gust of wind and smoke materialized as Sirocco, a mysterious spellcaster who claimed to represent the Fangbreaker Council. She offered them membership and sponsorship of the Fangbreakers if they agreed to act as agents on their behalf, helping them to protect the natives of the Viridian Basin and to stop efforts of the merchant guilds to force the Empire to annex the territory. She petitioned them to take up a trial task, to find the cause of the disappearance of several people across the Riverfront Docks district, which may be tied to a mysterious warehouse owned by the Emerald Glade company.


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