Velgaer Kundrur


Velgaer has skin black as obsidian, hair white as bone, and eyes the color of ice with an almost disturbing intensity. He generally wears a black shirt, black trousers, and a black cloak. These features alone make him almost indistinguishable from any drow in the underdark, but if you look closely you might see darkness rolling out of the creases in his clothing. If you are particularly astute you might notice there is something off with his shadow. Perhaps it is slightly out of sync, or maybe it disappeared from the corner of your eye when you swore it should have been there.


Velgaer was born in the city of Elllrion from the Matron Mother Nilelva Kundrur and an unknown father. As a child Velgaer was taught Drow religion, swords, and magic. Velgaer enjoyed the power and respect that his position as Elderboy of a powerful house brought him among the other male drow, but he could never stomach how females so thoroughly dominated him. During his studies in magic, Velgaer opened a forbidden tome in his master’s library and was seduced into a deal with a mysterious fiend. This deal granted Velgaer powers strong enough to rival those of his mother. His mother, Nilelva, put a bounty on his head, and he was forced to escape from Elllrion and the underdark altogether. After barely escaping the underdark, Velgaer was surprised at the difficulty of surviving on the surface. Then he spent days wandering, foraging for food, and becoming completely lost, Velgaer was rescued by Snog who took him on to his ship.
No longer lost but still lacking a purpose; Velgaer allowed himself to be recruited to the 4th Legion of the Nashareem army. His set of skills were recognzied quickly, and he was assigned the role of forward scout. On his first mission, Velgaer was sent behind enemy lines and decided that the river was the best way for him to sneak past. Velgaer then coerced his only friend Snog in to giving him a ride and they were on their way. After hours of sailing Velgaer and Snog came upon a sinking boat. Hearing yells for help, Velgaer jumped in to the water after the now submerged boat. Several hearthumping minutes later; Velgaer floated to the surface of the water unconscious. Snog saved him once again. Snog was forced to take Velgaer to the nearby village Luskel where he left him under the care of the village elders. Velgaer spent the rest of the war in coma at the village. During this coma Velgaer dreamt of a blacksmith preparing to strike a shimmering weapon, but he was stopped when a blue furred Tabaxi yelled to him. Velgaer wasn’t sure what this dream meant, but he could not help but think this being could bring great power.

Velgaer Kundrur

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