Bugbear Rogue (Archetype: Thief)



Childhood – Snog watched his family be murdered when he was only 5 by a demon horde. Snog was able to hide in a small nook and then successfully snuck away without being detected. His childhood taught him that he must be ready to handle situations without running away. During the rest of his childhood, Snog was taken in by a band of river merchants called the Gronchine merchant clan. Snog was mentored by the riverboat captain, Stan Brie and quickly learned the waterways of the Viridian Basin, as well as the merchants’ scheming ways. To this day, Snog is known by many of the river merchants and can call many of them friends who are willing to pull favors if need be.

Origin Stories – Snog in his teen years became a sailor and sailed as a first mate on the ship named the Torbid. The captain of the ship was Yarlan Snope which Snog revered as his teacher in ship navigation and knowledge of the basin and it’s inhabitants. Unfortunately, shortly after departing the vessel for a year break of sea faring, it came to Snog’s attention that the “Torbid” had gone missing and was said to be lost at sea. No contact with Yarlan Snope has been made since. Snog continues to search for his wearabouts or even what happpened to the Torbid.

First Adventure – During his time on the Torbid, Snog took on an adventure to the ancient Island of Scoltice to retrieve a stolen artifact from the Ginsea goblin tribe. This artifact was his clan’s sacred heirloom, the Sineon Staff. Snog remembered that before his father was murdered, he had talked about retrieving it from the goblins that stole it but had no real means to get to the island. Part of this adventure was for Snog to complete something important for his father and to get back a piece of his clans heritage. Once ariving with his crew, Snog was able to find the clan and defeat the goblin king named Fron. As a trinket, Snog polished the skull of the goblin king and proudly wears it around his neck for good luck. Suffering many losses of his crew and needing a few more deck hands, Snog noted a particular drow that seemed distraught and lost. Snog approached this young drow named, Vulgaer and quickly learned that the drow was being hunted from his underdark brethren and needed safe passage. Snog took Vulgaer on as a crew mate until he could return to the Viridian Basin. The elf became his friend during the voyage back, but went his own way once he made it back to the mainland.

War of the Wrathlords – During a trip down the Arilian river in the North, the ship was seized by a murderous band of men whom turned out to be vampire cultists. Being overwhelmed, a hobgoblin fighter that was passing through the area on the shoreline jumped in to help. As a few of Snog’s men were being dragged off the ship and taken into the woods, the fighter with incredible speed and stealth was able to dispatch the cultists and free the deck hand captives. The men were able to quickly make their way back to the ship to help Snog defeat the remaining cultists. Without the aid of this hobgoblin fighter, Snog would have most likely lost his life and his riverboat with its precious cargo. Snog still remembers the face of the hobgoblin fighter who nodded from the shore and moved off into the woods after the battle was ended. Snog feels he owes this hobgoblin fighter a life debt and hopes he can find and repay him someday.

Side Tracked – Vulgaer had convinced Snog to take him to his city where he was on a mission to retrieve something. Snog thought the mission might be good for Vulgaer in that it would bolster his confidence which was waning as a dark elf in the upper world. An unfortunate event during this journey left Vulgaer scarred and Snog has long felt that he should have went with his gut instincts at first to not go on the journey.


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