Shaksa the Wanderer


Shaksa the Wanderer – Tabaxi Barbarian

Shaksa’s parents were outcasts from their Tabaxi clan (long before Shaksa was born) for reasons that he never learned. His parents were forced to find shelter in the Kanak’ta Marshes and eventually found a place among Lizardfolk in a village called Dripping Leaves (home to one of the weakest tribes in the area). This village accepted his family because of the great martial prowess of his father (Ashak-tar), which was proven time and time again against the larger tribes in the area.

Into this miserable, and lonely, existence was Shaksa born. His family never allowed themselves to be truly accepted into the village, perhaps because they never planned to stay or perhaps because of whatever happened in their Tabaxi clan so many years ago, but Shaksa spent much of his childhood alone and he became very self reliant.

Shaksa came of age when he was allowed to join in a raid on a neighboring tribe in order to secure food and supplies. During this raid, Shaksa killed one of the rival villages warriors, which earned him instant renown. Shaksa has carried the nose ring of that foe from that day until now (little did he know that this nose ring would later save his life). When his father had become too old to wage war, Shaksa had established himself as the best choice to replace him as the village warmaster.

At the outbreak of the Demon War, Shaksa was out on a trade mission to the cities with other village delegates. For a while, it was much too dangerous to travel back to the marsh, so the delegation sought safety amongst the camp followers of the 2nd Castian Legion. It was during this time that Shaksa met Capricorn, who was a Legionaire in the 2nd Castian Legion at that time. An immediate friendship was struck, as Tabaxi in the region were few. When the Legion was routed at the Battle of Song Falls, Shaksa’s delegation (like many others) fell to the Demons. As warmaster, Shaksa did his duty and fought to what he thought was the end, sending many demons back to the hells that spawned them.

However, his end was not yet ordained at this time, for Shaksa awoke among the dead on that blood-soaked field, surrounded by the hacked and mangled corpses of his delegation and many others. Shaksa was able to find his way back to Dripping Leaves, but was greeted with more death and destruction as the Demons had already passed this way. His mother was dead and his father was gravely wounded, the last survivor. Before he died, Shaksa’s father told him that the name of their Tabaxi village was Sai-ak-akthas – the same village in which Capricorn was raised.

After burying his family, Shaksa took to the roads as a traveler. For a short time, he was taken captive by the Jade Empire, but was able to escape into the jungle with a few others (Lorax among them). As a small band, they lived off the land and were relatively safe but Shaksa always wanted more. More power, more influence, more wealth, more ways to pay the Empire back for their failure to protect his family in their time of need. In time, he will also want to understand why his parents were exiled from their Tabaxi home, and deal with whatever that means. For now however, Capricorn has persuaded him to join the Dark Sundering Adventure Group – a simple means to an end.

Shaksa the Wanderer

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