• "Sirocco"


    A powerful, dangerous sorceress and member of the Fangbreaker High Council
  • Bertran Pelhurst "the Hunter"

    Bertran Pelhurst "the Hunter"

    An influential dwarf merchant of Apura
  • Grimmelhook


    A heavily scarred shoovooshi dressed in bright orange, and leader of the Orange Gryphon Hippodrome gang.
  • Grock Starpaw

    Grock Starpaw

    A tough, muscled tabaxi. A lieutenant of the Orange Gryphon Hippodrome gang
  • Madam Ysri Duemaw

    Madam Ysri Duemaw

    An influencial broker of goods and information centered in the Riverdock district. A female red dragon in of nearly fifty years of age, she has struggled through two demon wars. Cunning and clever, she is a rising star of Apura.