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The empire of Nashareem contains many lands of wonder and fantasy. From the wind-torn aeries of the storm monks in the World Pillar Mountains, to the cursed towers of the seething bogs in the Shadowlands, to the caravans braving the searing siroccos to reach Quelamesh, to the ancient ruins hidden in murky jungles of the Viridian Basin, adventures await those who dare to set forth from the glittering metropolis of Nashareem in search of wealth, power, and glory. Your characters stand in a nexus of possibility, where your every choice changes the destinies and fates of generations to come. Will your choices bring peace or chaos? Will your actions bring you glory or infamy? Will generations remember you for your virtues, or for your vices? Adventure and destiny await you in Nashareem!

Story Arc

Introduction and Legends

In the Viridian Basin in the heart of the continent of Quarra, war and devastation have torn open the belly of the Nashareem Empire, leaving the peoples of these savage lands crying for help and protection. You and your allies stand in a nexus of history, agents of destiny whose actions will carry weight and impact across these war-torn lands. Will your choices bring them peace or turmoil? Will your actions bring them honor or shame? Will it be your virtues or your vices that are remembered by generations to come? The tapestry of destiny awaits you and your companions to weave the next chapter in the histories of Nashareem!

The War of the Wrathlords, the Fourth Demon War

Five years ago, the demonic hordes escaped the eternal gates for the fourth time in recorded history. This time, they were championed by seven Wrathlords, daemonic champions imbued with power through unholy rituals, leading their armies in the onslaught of civilization. The Nashareem legions marched the breadth of these jungle lands, hacking their way league after league through theses dark jungles and fetid bogs to drive the demons back. They battled waves of marauding demons howling for the blood of the innocents in the peaceful lands behind them. Villages burned as beastial monsters turned brave men to effigies of pain and suffering, and sealed the souls of the damned into totems of anguish to drive their foes screaming before their advances. But in the end, the heroes of Nashareem defeated the Wrathlords, shattering their powers and scattering them to the aether. The might of the legions of Nashareem and their allies drove the nightmare hordes back into the hellish pits of the Abyss, sealing them away again behind eternal gates.

Martial Law and Reconstruction

The provincial capital city of Viridia was a smoking ruin, and today hellfire still burns in the pits of the city as the ancient stones of the fortifications sizzle in a molten lake of slag that slowly pours into shattered valley below. With the city destroyed, the new Imperial governor has centered her court in the trade city of Apura. A rule of martial law was imposed, enforcing restrictions on the distribution of resources and requiring permits for trade and arming militias. Five years later, the restrictions are still imposed at the lobbying of merchant cartels to support their unfair trade rights in the province over the interests of the native tribes. The imperial apparatus has so far only concentrated on the growth of Apura, and transforming it into a prosperous trade hub: building fortifications, expanding the harbor, and dredging the rivers for lurking horrors. The Southern Merchants’ League lobbies for focus on trade roads and commercial infrastructure at the expense of domestic problems and overdue promises made to the native tribes.

During the annexation, the imperial recruiters had promised the protection of the legions and economic support to those tribes who swore their allegiance to the empire. Many tribes signed the Treaty of Viridia a generation ago when the empire annexed the territory and destroyed the yuan-ti death-priests of the ancient city of V’ssahssa. But today the Senate faces disasters across the width of the empire, and challenges to the empire’s sovereignty have risen from neighboring nations. The senators, chosen from the nobility, favor the demands of Nashareem’s merchants over the sufferings of the people of the Viridian Basin. They have even pulled out the senatorial legions to aid the central provinces of the Empire, with but a single senatorial legion spread in maniples across the province to protect trade routes from brigands, and the 7th Emperor’s legion guarding the Viridian Gate.

Fearing bandits in the countryside, and desperate for reliable food sources, refugees from the savage humanoids of the Viridian Basin have flocked to find sustenance and safety within the walls. The slums are swollen with overcrowding and violence roams the streets. It is only a matter of time before there is either a major disease outbreak or some arsonist burns the whole place down. Some fools still expect the Senate to send aid to the beleaguered and homeless peoples of the jungle province and lift martial law soon. But most others doubt the Senate will do anything as long as they allow the status quo to continue.

The Embers of Rebellion

The horrors of a land torn by war creep beneath the misty boughs of the dark trees. The land is filled with brutal brigands and order has broken down as bandits and parasites see the opportunity to take what they want from those who can not protect it. In that power vacuum has arisen a secretive association, the Fangbreaker Council. Composed of humanoids who have power and influence, they seek to break the territory away from the Empire of Nashereem, and form an independent nation, led by representatives of the old tribes instead of the heartless Senate dominated by humans in a wealthy city thousands of miles to the north.

With your skills and powers, you have been recruited in secret by this shadow council to work as their agents within Apura, asked to help them to protect the people and restore order where the imperial laws and servants have failed or are corrupt. You could be the hope of an independent future, the champions of the oppressed, the shield of the downtrodden, the saviors of Apura. But the road to freedom is long, and before these jungled lands are free there will be nights where the streets run with blood. How much will you shed, and how much will you lose for the cause of liberty?

Adventures in Nashareem

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